lose weight effectivelyHealthy weight is more like a blessing for those who are blessed with it. People with balanced weight have fewer chances of encountering health related problems as compared to the ones with unhealthy weight.

Saying this would not be wrong that a healthy weight means a healthy body!

Apart from health, what is more considered by the ones with unhealthy weight is an unattractive body. See Scarlett Moffatt Weight Loss

We all want to look fabulous, fit in our favorite clothes and to be noticed by the one we secretly admire. However, the importance of being in shape is pretty much understood, now the question which arises here is that being in shape that simple?

Yes, sticking to a balance weight is simple, if you to do it the right way!

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How many of you make a New Year resolution, ‘every year’ to slim down? Almost all with excessive weight! And how many of you manage to achieve your New Year resolution! I am sure very few of you!

However, as mentioned earlier, following a right approach will not just help you meet your goals, but will also help you stay in shape for long!

But before we mention and discuss the steps to lose weight successfully, let us mention why you are gaining weight or are failing to lose it!

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  • Weight Loss Goals

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    There is least harm in eating more, however, what’s more harmful is eating unhealthy. Remember, consuming foods that are high in fat is the one main reason you have been gaining weight. Thus, consider what you have been taking and in what quantity.

    To burn fat at a speedy pace, more physical activity, or say, exercising is important. It is more preferable if you workout for at least 15 to twenty minutes a day. Many exercises are proven to pace a sluggish metabolism. So, if you are failing to lose weight, then it may be due to a slow metabolism that needs to be paced and not due to your eating habits!
    Protein is an imperative nutrient, your body greatly needs. However, taking protein in glut would work against your goals as our body utilizes the needed protein and stocks the rest as fat.
    Water not only keeps our body hydrated, however, is also proven to expedite a sluggish metabolism by as much as 30%. The significance of a boosted metabolism is known by all.
    people who do not take quality sleep are less likely to shed weight as compared to the ones who sleep well. Why? Well because sleep deprived individuals produces more cortisol. Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone is said to raise your hunger! That’s right!

So, these are some known, common weight loss mistakes that may be either contributing to weight gain or are coming your way to a slimmer body.

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Now, lets move on to know the 8 proven steps that will assist weight loss:


set your weight loss goalsWhile you brace yourself for a serious change, do not forget to pen down your goals! Remember, this is one proven way that will keep you going, encouraged and motivated throughout.

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Penning what you want is a good way to start with your efforts as the approach keeps you focused all the way to your objectives! But before that, you need to set your goals in your mind!

That is, what you actually want in terms of weight loss or how much you feel the need to shed! After that, start penning. For example:

  • I am looking forward to drop 10 lbs in 4 weeks.
  • I will be exercising regularly.
  • I will follow a healthy, low fat diet.

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Keep Realistic Fitness GoalsRemember, realistic goals are possible and easy to achieve. People who start with a ‘bang’, often end up being discouraged in the end. Why?  Well because they plan or dream of something impossible or unusual.

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Which of course, they fail to achieve in the end and thus, become discouraged! Thus it is advised to plan something possible to achieve; something realistic!

When your efforts will turn fruitful and you will get nearer to your ‘realistic’ goals, your confidence and motivation level will automatically increase for the next set of goals! Remember, you cannot lose 25 pounds in a month, however, you can manage to lose 10 pounds within a month! Thus, plan what makes sense!

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Weight Loss MotivationsWeight cutting is a very challenging, demanding and stressful task. It requires great deal of motivation and will power. You can only lose weight if you really want to lose weight!

Thus, before you start with your efforts, ask yourself, do you feel the need to slim down? How keen you are to lose?

Will you be able to stick to your efforts and succeed against all odds? If you find the answers in affirmation, then yes, you are in a right frame of mind to get started!


weight loss planningRemember, penning your goals is not ‘just’ important to get started.

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However, something which is as important is your plans! Remember, our plans are what direct us to achieve our goals efficiently.

Thus, planning is very, very important. After setting goals, think of viable plans to achieve these. For example:

  •  To cut 10 lbs in a month, I need to work out for at least 15 minutes a day.
  • I will avoid junk and would replace it with healthy, homemade meals.

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record your weight loss goalsThis is another, proven way to keep yourself going with your efforts. Keep a record of your progress. That is, how much you are losing and how well your body is responding.

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While you will note down the progress and consider the old track, you will feel more enthusiastic and motivated to create more differences!

However, do not forget to take your body measurements in the beginning. It is more preferable if you take pictures. You can then compare the change, visibly through your old and new images.


Weight Loss AchievementsIf you and your friend share a common goal, then this will help you stay focused all the way through. How? Well, because you will have someone who will discuss his/her achievements, mistakes, plans etc with you.

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Not just this, the progress your buddy, or you will make, will keep the other person motivated.

Even in the case you get off the track, your buddy will help you get back to it!

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Reduce StressAt times, people stress their body with aggressive workouts and strict diets. This is exactly where they go wrong. Overstressing your body or yourself will only lead to discouragement as excessive workout can result in exhaustion, injuries and even depression.

On the other hand, a strict diet can deprive your body from the vital nutrients it needs for healthy functioning.

It is totally fine if you feel the need to have your favorite ice cream some day or visit your friend’s birthday party! Eat whatever you like as a self praise, for the hard work you have been doing since long! This will prevent boredom and give you a change.


Believing in yourself will help you break even the hardest of rocks easily. Remember, apart from being encouraged, something you need the most at this time is self-belief!

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Even if you failed shedding weight in the past, does not proves your incompetency.

Maybe, the time was not favorable for you or some factor that may have gone against! Simply believe in yourself, stay focused and firm!

Remember, if others can do, why can’t you?


So, these are some proven techniques that can help you shed weight successfully in 2016. Remember, there is no shortcut to a slimmer body! Efforts, efforts and efforts are all that’s needed to succeed. Thus, give your hundred percent and stay focused.

Besides, supplementing is another proven way to shed weight. However, you need to ensure that the weight loss supplement you go for is free from synthetic ingredients and contains superior quality, natural ingredients.

Only by this, you will be able to save yourself from the nasty effects that add to the users problems.

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